Automatic Label Inspecting Machine, ZT-320

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Automatic Label Inspecting Machine, ZT-320

As an ancillary device for flexographic printing presses and automatic label die cutting machine, the ZT-320 automatic label inspecting machine can pick out labels with bad printing or cutting effect. Labels passing inspection are qualified and can be directly put into the next step. The maximum detecting speed is 70m/min. Operation of the equipment can be easily completed through the display panel and control buttons. Working stably, our product also supports frequency control and other functions. The roller, motor and other accessories are reasonably placed, so this equipment has a compact structure. With the size of 900×620×960mm, it does not occupy much space.

Model 320
Inspecting Speed 70m /min
Max. Web Width 320mm
Max. Unwinding diameter 500mm
Power Supply AC220V±10%
Power 0.75KW
Machine Dimensions 0.9(L)×0.62(w)×0.96(H)(m)
Machine Weight about200kg

As an automatic label inspecting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides PS plate intermittent offset label printing machine, stacked Flexographic printing machine, 6 color Flexographic printing machine with three die cutting station, etc.

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