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Slitting Machine

  • High Speed Label Slitting and Rewinding Machine, FQ-320/450
  • High Speed Label Slitting and Rewinding Machine, FQ-320/450

    As an ancillary product for label printing and die cutting machines, the high speed label slitting and rewinding machine is mainly used for the narrow range slitting of the printed materials. For example, multiple independent labels can be slit. The cutting tool of this equipment is made of chrome steel alloy and has fast cutting speed and long service life.

  • Label Slitter Rewinder with Rotary Die Cutter, FQ-330R/450R
  • Label Slitter Rewinder with Rotary Die Cutter, FQ-330R/450R

    This range of label slitter rewinder is available with a rotary die cutter. The working portions of the bed and cutting mechanism of the machine are cylindrical. During working, the printed paper is sent to the place between the die-plate roller and the pressure roller by the feeding roller.

The slitting machine is used to cut wide paper or film into multiple narrow ones. It is often used to support the use of various presses. The printed materials are slit into ones with required size, which can then put into use directly. The body of our slitter is made of high-quality cast iron which is chrome plated, so our product has strong corrosion resistance and a long lifespan. Provided by well-known Japanese enterprises, the motor and the rubber roller have excellent performance and strong stability. We also employ German photoelectric automatic deviation correction device which can realize precise control of the discharging and feeding devices, thus greatly increasing the slitting accuracy. According to the slitting way, the slitting machines are divided into flatten and rotary ones. The cutting width is 320mm, 330mm or 450mm. Therefore, slitting of printed products with various sizes can be realized. Welcome to purchase.

As a specialized slitting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer high speed label slitting and rewinding machine, fully automatic label inspection machine, PS plate intermittent offset label printing machine, and more.

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