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Flexo Printing Machine

  • Stacked Flexographic Printing Machine, RY-330/450
  • Stacked Flexographic Printing Machine, RY-330/450

    Zonten RY-330 or 450 product is a stacked flexographic printing machine with a single die cutting station. It is applicable to the printing of coated paper stickers, aluminum foil stickers, as well as PE, PP and PVC stickers. The resolution is over 150LPI.

  • 12 Color Multifunction Flexo Printing Machine, ZTF-330
  • 12 Color Multifunction Flexo Printing Machine, ZTF-330

    The 12 color multifunction flexo printing machine can complete multiple processes, such as screen printing, adhesive surface printing, laminating, varnishing, foil stamping, die cutting, etc. The printing tension is kept constant by the servo tension control system, thus ensuring stable registration accuracy.

The flexo printing generally uses fluid ink with strong liquidity. The ink is transferred to the graphic parts of the printing plate through the ink fountain roller and the anilox roll. Under the action of the impression roller, the ink on the printing plate is then transferred to the printed material.

The flexo printing machine produced by our company consists of printing press, drying device, die cutting device and many other devices. It can fulfill printing, varnishing, die cutting and other processes, completing the manufacturing from raw material to finished products.

Each part of the flexo printing machine has been carefully crafted. Its body is made of cast iron with chroming treatment, so it has a long lifespan. Rubber imported from Japan is adopted to make the printing roller. The rubber's good resilience guarantees accurate printing. In addition, we have also introduced the Japanese Panasonic servo motor and German BST indicator to ensure the accuracy of operation.

We provide RY and LRY series of this product. Each series is divided into two types according to the cutting width. The two series products have similar printing functions. Controlled through the touch screen, the LRY product is very powerful. It adopts three die cutting stations and a built-in deviation correction system. The RY product is relatively simple, but it has a price advantage.

ZONTEN is a specialized Flexo printing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide variety of products, including slitting machine, letterpress label printing machine, resin printing plate exposure machine, and offset printing machine, etc.

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