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Letterpress Label Printing Machine

  • 9-Color Rotary Intermittent Letterpress Printing Machine, Smart-320

    Suitable for the production of coated paper stickers, aluminum foil paper stickers, thermal paper, as well as PE, PVC and PP stickers, our Smart-320 9-color rotary intermittent letterpress printing machine is the optimal choice for manufacturers printing medium and high-grade adhesive stickers.

  • 8-Color Intermittent Letterpress High Speed Label Printing Machine, SUPER-320

    The 8-color intermittent letterpress high speed label printing machine applies to the printing of coated paper stickers, aluminum foil paper stickers, thermal paper, as well as PE, PVC and PP stickers. It adopts servo control system and the servo motor that drives each printing unit can be precisely controlled, thus achieving optimal control of the whole equipment.

Using photoelectric resin as the raw material, the resin forme is a photopolymerized relief printing plate undergoing exposure, flushing, and other processing. The lead alloy forme is slow to make and it needs hot working. The resin forme solves these problems and thus enjoys a wide range of applications in label printing industry.

Our letterpress label printing machine uses fine cast iron to make the body and the surface is chrome plated. Gear, roller and other components are all selected meticulously. Therefore, our product has stable structure, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life.

Shaftless control system is adopted, which ensures that every unit is accurately controlled. The independent motor ink adjustment system guarantees normal ink supply. We also provide some accessories, such as hob-die-cutting device, UV varnishing device, UV drying device, etc., to make printing more convenient.

Our company provides two types of the letterpress label printing machine, SUPER-320 and SMART-320. These two products have similar size and functions. The SUPER-320 uses intermittent printing which has relatively low cost. The SMART-320 supports both intermittent printing and full rotary printing, and the printing speed has been improved.

ZONTEN is an experienced letterpress label printing machine manufacturer in China. We offer 8-color intermittent letterpress high speed label printing machine, 6 color Flexographic printing machine with three die cutting station, fully automatic label inspection machine, and more.

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